Hi, I'm Sara! And I love creating
adorable impressions for life's biggest celebrations!

I had almost 10 years of professional graphic design experience and was on maternity leave, when I started drawing and designing things for the online community.  I had always had a soft and "feminine" design style, and at this time in my life I found joy in drawing cute, whimsical characters that appealed to children.

This gave birth to Saraink, where I sell fabric designs on Spoonflower.com and clip art and digital papers on Etsy. Whirligigs Party Co. began as a collaboration between my sisters and I over Christmas break in 2011. My sister, Katie, had been working up her own pastry cake shop. And my sister, Angie, had lots of experience throwing kids parties for her children. The party industry was an exciting and natural fit for our collective talents, and we wanted to offer huge "everything you need" party boxes with cake and décor and a handbook too!
At the time we were all living in different states across the U.S. and shipping from different locations, each sister wearing different "hats" of the business.  After about 6 months, we decided it was too hard to work long distance, and offering such variety wasn't a strong business model. I look back now at how fun those 6 months were, even though it was such a learning and growth experience. I'm so glad to have grown closer with my sisters working on a business together.  We've all gone on to do our own beautiful life's work, and still enjoy working together on occasion. I kept the business and continued designing parties for the Etsy shop, focusing on printable party decorations and party invitations.
I am still an entrepreneurial student with lots to learn about business. But in the years selling on Etsy I've been really blessed to find a creative career that provides for myself and my son. I am so grateful for the support of wonderful mentors, family and the Etsy community. The party business is so rewarding, and I love what I am blessed to do. It always warms my heart when an order comes and I read WHO IS having a birthday and HOW OLD they will be!! Each milestone, each birth, each graduation... It's all been a great time and I look forward to many more years … and parties, to come. What a joy it is to have a career that celebrates and honors people and their achievements.

With Love,