Adorable Impressions  for Life's Biggest Celebrations!

My shop's story truly began when I became a mom. I had almost 10 years of professional graphic design experience and was on maternity leave when I started drawing and designing. In those first months of my son's life I experienced such a wholesome connectivity to life and love. It would have been futile to ignore the ignited creativity that burned within me to be expressed.

I started by designing a fabric for Spoonflower.com and quickly found my own artistic style drawing cutesy, whimsical characters that appealed to children. 

This gave birth to Saraink.net and an Etsy store where I sell commercial clip art designs and digital papers. Whirligigs Party Co. began as a collaboration between my sisters and I over Christmas break 2011. My sister, Katie, had been working up her own pastry cake shop. And my sister, Angie, having the most and eldest children among us, had lots of kids' party experiences and ideas. The party industry was an exciting and natural fit for our collective talents. Sadly at first, but in hindsight with much blessing, the family collaboration didn't last long. We've all gone on to do our own beautiful life's work, and still enjoy working together on occasion. 

My story is still unraveling with every life event and creative inspiration. Most of the parties in my shop have come from my own life's celebrations, or those of my family members. There never seems to be an end of things to celebrate, and that's a very awesome thing!! I've learned so very much and am so grateful to the mentors, family and Etsy community that has supported and encouraged me endlessly. 

There's such an excitement around planning an event! And I love hearing from party-throwers around the globe. It always warms my heart when an order comes and I read WHO IS having a birthday and HOW OLD they will be!! Each milestone, each birth, each graduation... It's all been a great time and I look forward to many more years … and parties, to come!

With Love,