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St. Patrick's Day Drink Printables


Create cute themed party drinks for your
St. Patty's Day party in no time with these fun

You will need.... 

a printer
scissors or
paper trimmer (optional)
1/4" paper hole punch
drink containers - glass bottles, plastic bottles, or jelly jars

It's Easy!
1.OPEN these files:
St. Patricks Day Drink Wrappers
St. Patricks Day Shamrocks
Shamrock Pattern Paper

If you can't open the files you may need to download the free software, ADOBE READER here.

2.SAVE (optional) them to your computer so you can print as many as you wish, whenever you wish! *for personal use only*

3.PRINT on your color printer or at a copy or office supply shop. ( TIP= Print the pattern sheet on the back of the shamrocks sheet for double-sided shamrocks!!)

4.CUT out the drink wrappers using scissors or paper trimmer. Cut out the shamrock shapes with scissors. Punch a hole in the shamrock centers with your hole punch.

5.ASSEMBLE DRINK WRAPS by wrapping around your drink containers and secure with a bit of scotch tape. If you don't want tape showing, apply a bit of glue stick on the excess overhang before wrapping around your container.

6.ASSEMBLE SHAMROCK DRINK SLIDES by simply sliding the shamrock shape onto your straws!

Now you've added a wee bit o' fun to 'yer
St. Patty's Day Party table!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How simple! You can also create fun
using the shamrock shapes.

Thread the shamrocks with a string to hang. ( TIP = You can also chain stitch using a sewing machine, if your machine allows sewing on paper.)

ALL Whirligigs Party Co. printables are *FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY Do not sell, share or sell items made from these printables. ©2013 Whirligigs Party Co. All rights reserved.

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