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Elephant Baby Shower


During my pregnancy, you could often find me humming  "Baby of Mine" from the movie Dumbo  to my belly. This song is a happy song for me, not sad... It puts to words how a mother can love and want to protect her precious baby!!

And so of course when I thought about composing an elephant baby shower party, my inspiration became
"Baby of Mine".

I pictured a mother elephant hugging her baby in her trunk. I also combined my love for modern patterns with simple graphics. Together with grey and pastels, I think the entire baby shower package recreates the tenderness of the song and the love between mother and child.

Ways to use the Elephants Decoration Cut-out:
  • Attach a kebab stick and use it for party decorations: as a lawn stake, centerpiece or cake topper.
  • Print on iron-on transfer paper and make a special t-shirt for mom.
  • Attach it to a 9.5"x11" envelope or a stationery box for mom to keep cards and momentos from the shower in.
  • Ask guests to sign the back for a "guest book" keepsake.
  • Frame it in a shadowbox for baby's nursery using one of the patterned papers as a background.  
How about filling your Treat cones with this recipe for Pink Popcorn?
Easily adapt the recipe using
blue jello for a baby boy shower.
Shelled peanuts would also be adorable!

Print the 2" rounds on Avery 22807 labels for instant stickers!
Then make perfect circles for cupcake toppers easily with a 2" craft punch. 

You will not find many large items like strollers and cribs on these bingo cards. (I didn't want there to be any awkward moments while guests wait to get a bingo and the monetary value of someone's gift is brought to mind.) Instead I've used common smaller items as well as random things such as something with stripes or something for mom.

The wishes for baby forms and sign are a great welcome activity for guests as you wait for everyone to arrive. 

Each guest can fill out one of the forms, which say...
"I'll make a wish and hope it comes true. A special wish just for you"

There's a spot at the bottom for them to leave their name. If you don't have a guest book, these act as a great reminder of who was at your baby shower. Plus they are so fun for mom and (no longer) baby to read years later.

I hope this set and the party ideas I've shared will bring as much joy and tenderness to your baby shower as I experienced when creating it.

Cheers to love and baby hugs!

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