Creative Party Banner Assembly


Growing up I was friends with a family who celebrated each of their children's birthdays with a banner. 

And guess how many children they had?

With that many birthdays each year, a simple method to create quick inexpensive banners was to write the banner message on the backside of a long sheet of wrapping paper and then fold the edges forward to create a colorful frame. Siblings would add personal touches to create banners for each other's special days. I love this simple birthday banner tradition.

Here are some creative ways to assemble your paper party banners:


Blog - photo banner close up

Party Banner united with Ribbon

Party Decoration Strung Along Ribbon

Banner with Bows

Stitched Casing on Pennants


Pom Pom Holders on Birthday Party Banner

New {& Free!} Birthday Parade Printables 

Please leave us a comment with your favorite birthday banner traditions 

or a creative party decoration technique!



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