Sweet Sixteen Party


She's sixteen!
Wild and sweet...with a love for pink!!!
(or teal, or purple, or yellow ... we love to customize) 

Our zebra stripe printable party will so easily transform your party room and create a
stylish, lively, and *PINK* celebration!

♥ ♥ ♥

What's Included...

Customized 5x7 Invitation
Maybe your little diva isn't 16. Don't worry! we will help you adapt this set and find the perfect wording for your 100% customized invitations.

Treat Bag Toppers
We filled ours with Good and Plenty. One 6 oz. box filled about three 3" bags.
Aren't they cute?
It just so happened to be Easter time so we found pastel pink mini Hershey Bars for the
Mini Candy Bar Wrappers.
What's more, because we are so fond of the many uses for these treat bag toppers we'll be sending you a sheet of Blank Tent Cards so you can use them for place settings, buffet markers, or thank you tags.

The trim lines of a Cascade Ice bottle and it's perfectly-pink Pink Grapefruit flavor looked great with the Water Bottle Wrappers.
 A perfect fit! Especially cute paired with our pink Straw Flags and some black and white paper straws from
Making Memories Fun

We like to use a 2" craft punch for quick and perfect circles on the Cupcake Toppers. But if you don't have one, it's okay. We include a 2" round template so you can cut out your toppers with a pair of scissors. Add a piece of double stick tape to the back of the circle and press your sucker stick up against it for a fast grab. Then slide the finished toppers into your cupcakes and your done! Just watch out for... oh nuts!! ... and raisins :)
 The Cupcake Wraps come in two styles... zebra stripe and customized pink with dot trim. Bake your cupcakes in regular papers, and once cooled and frosted, surround the cupcake with the cupcake wrap and tape the ends together in the back.
String up the Happy Birthday Banner to top it all off and enjoy your party!

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