Dragon Birthday Party


Calling all little dragons...
to fly this way...
and celebrate Tyler's
Sixth Birthday! 

Three sisters sat around a kitchen table over Christmas holiday 2011. We almost all hadn't seen each other all year long, living in 3 different states. Despite that, we decided that day to start a business together where we could plan parties for our kids and sell them as big packages with everything you needed.

And to start the business off with a bang ... the first family member on the calendar was having a birthday party to be held in 2-1/2 weeks. The dragon party was our first big party package conception and was designed in a very passionate and quick 2 weeks!

As happens with many business start ups the ideas you have at first are not what you end up building your business around. And after a year of business, as I write this, we've eliminated some of the not-so-successful or not-so-well-designed-in-2-weeks items.  What remains are some really unique and original dragon party items that have been some of our most successful products.

Our Dragon Party Masks are designed for kid-sized heads. The unique dragon head shape and styles of spots and scales are hand cut to order. The small pieces have an adhesive backing making them a fun, quick craft activity for your dragon party. The party activity is great to fill those minutes as you wait for all the guests to arrive. And the children will love wearing the masks throughout the party.

Another perfect party favor for a dragon, dinosaur or knight party are our Clay Tooth Necklaces. And you'll never believe how many beasts we had to slay to create these necklaces, he he.

Each necklace is perfect for youngsters to slide over their heads. The leather strap is secure but knotted loosely, which allows you to untie and refasten around larger heads or if you want to add beads. Perhaps beads collected in a treasure hunt or relay game.

The teeth show the beautiful imperfections of being handmade, and each one is unique. Each tooth measures approx. 2-1/2"-3" long. We've had great feedback about these necklaces.

We hope we've inspired you to have a great dragon party! 
Sara, Angie, and Katie
(with our co-conspirator, Connie, who is also our mom ♥)

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